What is Sound Engineering?

A Sound engineer uses a number of tools and techniques to sculpt sound generated by an artist or musician. This is done to help sounds fit together and remove any unwanted sounds which are often picked up by microphones or instrument pickups.

Do I/we need a Sound Engineer?

I have worked with a range of groups, bands and solo artists in pubs around Derby. During my time at Loughborough University I helped run the very successful FreeFest which is one of the largest student music festivals in the country.

More recently I have worked within my local Church running the sound system to a very high quality. I've often heard comments that people don't like going to other churches as the sound isn't as good!

Want to know which tools can help you?

Compressors, Gates, Equalisers, Expanders, FX... What does it all mean? do I need them in my setup? Very common questions and generally the answer is Maybe, it depends on so many things. Generally more tools makes your life easier and things sound, but only if used correctly!

Church in need of some assistance?

I've helped a number of people who are part of a church, from simply 'Which microphone should we buy for this purpose' to 'We are building a new worship space, how much should we budget for PA'